Oguri Shun doing the ALS Bucket Challenge (x)


"The action was hard to do… every time."

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premiere of ‘Birdman’ 2014 Venice Film Festival

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reblog if your icon is a sex god from the high heavens

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❝Think of how many people have sat next to you on a bus, train, whatever. Now think how many people have sat next to you on purpose with their fingers crossed in hope that you’ll talk to them. I’m sure somebody has. There’s plenty of times when somebody’s seen you and hoped that you spoke to them, but you never did because you don’t have the guts and neither do they. Don’t go around thinking nobody likes you and that you’re not loved. There’s been plenty of times when a stranger has spotted you and thought “Oh, they’re just my type” but haven’t had the courage or confidence to open their mouth and initiate a conversation. The funny thing is, neither have you.❞

(via skeletales)

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